Hi, and Welcome to Lipstick Confessions.

My name is Giota, but you can call me Gio.



I am a self tought MUA from Greece. I grew up in Germany and I am currently based in Guangzhou, China.


As a young teenager, I remember sneaking into my mother’s room, taking her makeup and spending hours in the bathroom, experimenting. I was always so fascinated by how you can transform yourself with make up. It became my passion and soon enough, I was doing MakeUp for all my family and friends.

But my life took other paths and I studied German Literature and Translation.  Whilst I did enjoy my studies, I felt like something was missing. Work became a routine. I never liked the idea of doing something in my life, just because I had to. I wanted to do something that I love, something I was passionate about – and that’s make up!

So I guess it’s never too late to follow your dreams and become what you always wanted to be. The past few years I have been watching endless MakeUp tutorials on Youtube and following big Makeup Artists, exploring and experimenting, teaching myself everything. This year I started working as a freelance MUA in China. Inspired by all the great MUA’s, I started this blog.

As i mentioned, I am self tought, but I am going to participate in a Masterclass of a famous German-Lebanese MUA in Germany in January 2017.  I still have many things to learn, but I am loving every single moment of this journey.

My dream is to one day release my own make up brand!

I have named my Blog Lipstick Confessions because Lipsticks are my favorite Makeup products! I love them! I collect them and I try new ones almost every week!

A Youtube channel is coming soon!


xo Gio Dreveli